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Pilar BLLaC

Essential Lash Curler

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A professional quality eyelash curler designed to catch each individual eyelash and achieve the perfect eye-opening look.  Always use before mascara application to ensure lashes are bigger, bolder and curled to perfection.


Looking in a mirror, gently place your upper lashes between the curling mechanism and gently squeeze handle to press a curl into your lashes.  You want to get as close to the base of your lashes as you comfortably can without squeezing your skin.  (Start Slowly and Practice!) To release, release your grip and allow lashes to gently come off the base. Repeat as needed. Wipe eyelash curler clean with tissue or dry cloth after each use. Never use curler with lashes that have makeup on them.  For best results, use before Everyday Mascara and Mascara Plus.