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Pilar BLLaC

Brow Taming Spray & Brush

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Introducing Pilar BLLaC's Brow Taming Spray & Brush: The Ultimate Brow Duo

Discover a game-changer in your beauty routine with Pilar BLLaC's Brow Taming Spray and Brow Taming Brush - a dynamic duo for perfectly styled brows, whether they're thick, luscious arches or delicate wisps.  

The Brow Taming Spray is the key to taming unruly brows, using a groundbreaking formula that helps train your brows to grow in your desired direction. This styling marvel doubles up as a sublime base for your go-to brow powder. But when it's time for a bare-faced look? Fear not! The Brow Taming Spray stands strong on its own, lending you a natural, uncomplicated look that lasts the entire day.

Bid farewell to hard, flaky brows. Our Brow Taming Spray feels so light and natural, you'll forget you're wearing anything at all. It ensures a soft, gentle hold that keeps your brows in check without any discomfort.

To take your brow game to the next level, we're introducing the Brow Taming Brush, a grooming tool crafted with professional precision. This daily essential helps maintain your brows' shape and grooms your brow hair even before you apply the product.