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Pilar BLLaC

Better Brow Powder

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Experience the Magic of Pilar BLLaC's Better Brow Powder

Unleash your brows' full potential with our Better Brow Powder, a multidimensional color powder that fills in and revives uneven brows. This carefully crafted formula works wonders to provide natural definition, bringing your brows to life and ensuring they make their mark.

Whether you're looking to fill your entire brow or spot-treat some sparse areas, our Better Brow Powder has got you covered. Say goodbye to patchy brows, and hello to a complete, full-bodied look.

But the benefits don't stop there. This versatile pigment doubles as an eyeshadow, making it an essential addition to your beauty kit. Create a cohesive, harmonious look by coordinating your brows and lids with the same stunning shade.

We've tailored our Better Brow Powder to match your unique brow color, with four versatile shades available: Auburn, Blonde to Brunette, Dark Brown, and Grey. Each shade blends seamlessly with your natural color, enhancing your brows without overwhelming them.